Dierra’s family came from in a small town in Virginia. She’s been raised to a city lifestyle with old school southern values. She’s has tackled jobs from NYC to Ghana where she photographed beautiful pictures and wrote fabulous pieces on topics from fashion to finance. Dierra started his career in the fashion industry as a model. One of her early shows was in 2007, walking in Harvey Starr Washington’s annual runway fashion show. She later began to teach runway classes to inspiring models. Her goal was to become an international fashion stylist and fashion editor. She began styling her family and close friends. Later, photographers, models and other stylists wanted her to style photo-shoots, runway shows and contribute to editorial articles. Once she realized how much fun and money that was involved, she became a freelance fashion consultant. She later became fascinated with art and design. She became a graphic designer and web designer, helping local businesses uplift their old faces and (re)writing and editing articles for online magazines including Baltimore Magazine. She’s currently working as Editor in Chief of UrCity Magazine, Creative Director for AP Designs and focusing on building her brand as a stylist+graphic designer while simultaneously working towards his masters degree in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore.

You can reach her via (follow me)

FB-  Dierra Taylor


Instagram- UrcityEditor

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  1. Hello, this is Nicholas Farley. I just read your background and I’m actually looking to do the exact same thing. I have a strong passion for fashion and I would love to be involved in anything concerning so. Most importantly I’m working towards to be a Successful fashion stylist and I need myself out there. I’m looking for an opportunity to model and use my talents to further myself in what I love to do so if you have any advice, or any type of opportunity like a fashion agency I could connect with I would be more than happy.

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