Words & Images Final Reflections

This is the last class of the semester. I can’t believe how fast the course went. In the beginning, T.J. and Stephanie warned us that there would be a lot of working early on and that the work load would ease as the course progressed. This class made me a better designer and a better writer. It forced me to write a lot and rewrite as well. My holiday card designed was picked to be sent to the alumni and students of the business school! I was super excited! I’ve learned that design doesn’t always have to be created, I can take ideas from people who’ve done it before and put my own spin on it. But for the most part, I’ve learned:

-I may not be the best illustrator, but I can trace anything!

-Magazines are a great source for inspirations for designs.

-Typefaces needs to work with the piece and communicate a message along with the images.

-I need to enhance my color pallet, I was introduced to colourlovers.com, it’s the best thing since french toast!

But, overall, I’ve found that design is what you make it. If you start with a clear concept and keep everything consistent, you’ll on the right path to be a good designer. This class has proven that writers can be designers and vice versa. I just want to thank my peers and the professors for an awesome semester!


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