A Play on Cause + Effect

I’ve been doing some research on cause and effect relationships. I’ll post a few examples of what I’ve found. The first example is about children being perceived as grown ups. This is an interesting concept. Denotatively, there’s an European girl wearing a simple tank top with a beautiful pendant. Her face is painted with makeup mimicking a modern woman. The text says,” Some people see children as grown ups”. Because little girls are dressing too mature, society is viewing them as older.


This campaign was from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. There’s a photo of a boy with gorgeous curly hair. He’s wearing a solid dark gray t-shirt. Even though the main text doesn’t give you enough information about what the campaign is about until you read the rest of the text. I still think that this is a powerful ad. If young people start early to do something for a cause such as running for the future, then the effect is a healthier lifestyle with more information for the foundations as well.


This campaign gets right to the point. Thought this ad was very simple and powerful. If you’re drinking while you’re pregnant will increase the cause of having birth defects.


3 thoughts on “A Play on Cause + Effect

  1. I think these are great examples of cause and effect that think outside of the box. I especially found the drinking while pregnant ad to be interesting. It talks about birth defects and has the defective bottle of alcohol, that is also the shape of a pregnant woman. That was interesting.

  2. These are all phenomenal, my favorite being the anti-drinking-while-pregnant ad. Even as I type this and look up, I see that Billie liked the same ad as well! Nonetheless, cause and effect really puts things into perspective…

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